The Designer’s Own Digs

Maplewood NJ

Not since my epic dollhouse reno circa 1982 had I tackled something back to the studs for myself. It’s amazing how after seeing ALL THE PRETTY THINGS for all these years that I can still be so drawn to classic favorites.


When we moved into this house August 2020 (yes- mid pandemic) we knew a reconfiguring was imminent. The kitchen, the heart and soul of our 1920’s center hall was dark, uninviting and poorly laid out. I LOVE to eat, drink and entertain but I am not a cook. I assemble and love a good spread. I couldn’t even tolerate assembling in the existing layout. The dishwasher hit your leg if you were trying to stand in front of the sink. Madness!

It took us a year to get our ducks in a row and for me to negotiate with the hubs on the scope of what needed to be done. Economy of scale is something I preach so I campaigned for it hard in my own home. Under the guidance and detailed plan options from my dear architect boss lady friends (Laura of LBC architecture and Jung of JLM architecture) we settled on a plan. There’s nothing better than a collab with friends! We relocated the powder room off the hall rather than off the eat in area and they magically squeezed in a mudroom. I got my dutch door, wallpapered whatever I could, and amped up the patterns just to the pt where my family said “ok that’s enough.”

The result, a family friendly Hub for us all to gather around a few meals a week. Life around the island is a pretty lovely thing.


We are so happy to have found Alexa, Victoria & Catherine! They are amazing! They did an extensive amount of work on our house (every room and the outside, too!), and we are thrilled with the outcome. We cannot recommend AHR Designs enough. Your house will be transformed into a beautiful, livable, comfortable yet elegant place to live. They are talented, kind, and extremely creative. Do not hesitate. They’re the best!