Classic Baltimore City

Baltimore, MD

AHR relocated to Baltimore for 3 years from 2017-2020. Our time there was a purposeful pause to regroup and refocus on what types of projects I wanted to move forward with as I reestablished my business in a new region. I was up and down 95 so many times I had to buy my car off lease because the mileage overage exceeded the price of a new car! So much of my work from the previous decade was still in NJ. So when this local project came my way I was tickled pink.


My clients had coincidentally relocated from Hoboken to Baltimore and we instantly bonded over our memories of pizza and our mutual new found love for crab cakes! This house had come on the market shortly after we moved to town and I was so jealous that we hadn’t been a tad more patient to snag it ourselves. (To date, the bones of this house might be my favorite ever!). My clients had some great anchor pieces and hired me to help it all make sense in their new home.

I was so thrilled to play with neutrals in the family room. We recovered their slipper chairs with textured fabrics, had lots of custom pillows made, grounded the space with a rich wool sisal rug and invested in a gorgeous bar cabinet. I think I spent six hours in OCD overdrive styling their built ins. We all know how much I love color but I was intentionally restrained here and found it equally delightful.

Can we talk art???? I tell clients “Please buy what you love.” This dining room is a perfect example. All of these pieces my clients already owned and they allowed me to curate them in different ways across the home.

The guest room is an ‘Ode to green’, one of my very favorite interior colors that I don’t often get to use. The homeowners and I were both sick of blue and up for a non-stodgy play with green! We went for it with blackout drapery, luxurious bedding, a cozy rug, and elegant lighting. I can’t wait to swing back for a visit!


“We have worked with Alexa for years and through three increasingly large projects. We know that we could not have completed any of them without her. Her style is a perfect mix of function and gorgeous design. She has an eye for just the right amount of color and fun, saving us from what would otherwise be a home of gray and white.

Our most recent project was a full renovation of an 1890s home and she helped us modernize it both from a flow perspective, and via furnishings and finishes- we could not be happier with the end result.

Finally, she has saved us countless hours by coming to us with a few well-thought-out choices and ideas for each room and space for which the only problem is choosing our favorite. We look forward to working with Alexa again in the future!”