City Living Perfection

Hoboken, NJ

Do I ever get tired of blue? The thing about using a color that everyone loves and can agree on is that you have to continually find new ways to use it. If you know me, you know I love a challenge!


My clients, a busy family with 4 kids spanning ages 6-16, needed a house that could accommodate their needs. The only catch, finding this in Hoboken, NJ is no easy feat. I toured many properties as they came to market with them to see what we could make work. When this brownstone became available, we were all smiles. Even in a double wide brownstone you need to maximize space with a functional room plan. While this beauty had been renovated 10 yrs before it wasn’t exactly in keeping with my client’s style. We leaned into the more modern architectural design, “played nice” with the darker room elements, and had fun with everything else that was more easily changeable. In the end I think the perfect balance was struck!

Brownstone & apartments typically have smaller bedrooms, even if you’re lucky enough to have 5 of them. We had lots of fun making sure each of my client’s 4 kids had a distinctive “Room of One’s Own”. I love creating youthful spaces that can transition into the teen years easily. These girls, ages 6 and 15, gave lots of input into their spaces.

Custom furniture shouldn’t scare you. If you have a space that won’t accommodate a sofa frame that’s part of a vendors line then have one made. That’s what we did in the den area. Remember every inch counts when making sure everyone has a place to be cozy.


“We have worked with Alexa for years and through three increasingly large projects. We know that we could not have completed any of them without her. Her style is a perfect mix of function and gorgeous design. She has an eye for just the right amount of color and fun, saving us from what would otherwise be a home of gray and white.

Our most recent project was a full renovation of an 1890s home and she helped us modernize it both from a flow perspective, and via furnishings and finishes- we could not be happier with the end result.

Finally, she has saved us countless hours by coming to us with a few well-thought-out choices and ideas for each room and space for which the only problem is choosing our favorite. We look forward to working with Alexa again in the future!”