A Room of One’s Own

Summit, NJ

We started dialogue on this beauty almost 2 yrs before the first day of construction.
This classic center hall colonial was going to be renovated to have 9 beds and 9 baths- could we handle it? Why yes, of course! The rooms and opinions were plentiful in this project but we jumped in head first. We were determined to give each family member exactly what they desired.


When you want all the bells and whistles and you’re working within the confines of an older home it’s often best to do fully custom cabinetry. With this project we swiftly identified that this family needed to maximize every nook and cranny. While I’d love to take credit for the “trick” door in the pantry I will give credit to one of the guys who saw this on Instagram and had to have it. With 3 kids and loads of family and friends stopping by, the pantry and wet bar are always stocked and ready for a party. The family hosts 15-25 people for average holiday gatherings so optimizing seating was key. We had a big kitchen table and an even bigger dining table with multiple leaves custom made to work with their guest needs.

Our clients love color and they wanted to make sure it was incorporated intentionally and in a thoughtful way for their varying taste and tolerance. The final palette was made up of menswear tones: deep greens, rusty oranges and of course all sorts of blues. Wallpaper was a must in this house and we used it wherever we could get approval. The laundry room might be an AHR all time favorite room in the house. Who wouldn’t want to fold things or just hang out in this enchanted forest?

This project was completed with beautiful interiors and some fabulous new friends for our AHR designs crew. We can’t wait to sip cocktails at their holiday party!


“Our journey with Alexa started over 2 years ago. We presented her with a complex and large whole house renovation, 3 strong personalities with differing tastes, and a budget.

She was working with us at a time in the world where nothing was certain and EVERYTHING had delays. She knew our timeline and immediately put us in front of everything that could be problematic. Our renovation never had to wait on a design decision or order to arrive.

She gently but firmly kept us moving ahead with our timeline while being extremely collaborative with us in listening to our likes and dislikes.

Alexa created a home for us that obviously has the AHR stamp but is also uniquely representative of each member of my family. We love the AHR team.”