One Room at a Time

Up & Down the Mid Atlantic

“I believe in focusing your resources. Can’t do the whole house? Let’s do 1 room and do it right. Spreading money across 3 spaces but not finishing 1 will leave you completely unsatisfied.”


While I love to tackle a home from head to toe, many of my projects are a room or 2. I’ve helped many, many, many clients with multiple one-room projects in their homes. The thing I am most proud of is the amount of repeat business I have.  I wish I could professionally photograph all of it but alas that would leave me with no time or money to actually do what I do.


Here you’ll find some shots of a few projects. Common themes you’ll see in my work: layered rooms, pops of color, pattern play, a love of art, and a true sense that real people live here.


We are so happy to have found Alexa, Victoria & Catherine! They are amazing! They did an extensive amount of work on our house (every room and the outside, too!), and we are thrilled with the outcome. We cannot recommend AHR Designs enough. Your house will be transformed into a beautiful, livable, comfortable yet elegant place to live. They are talented, kind, and extremely creative. Do not hesitate. They’re the best!


Alexa developed a design and color scheme which utilized my existing furniture, updating my living room, dining room, and hall to make them brighter and more contemporary. She had ideas I never would have thought of on my own!