AHR Designs is a NJ Based Interior Design Firm founded by Principle Designer Alexa Harris-Ralff

“How YOU live informs how WE design a space. The first step is a deep dive to uncover what you really need and want from your home. We zero in on what’s currently missing and what’s needed to meet your design goals.”

We are a team of big picture thinkers who offer a unique and powerful perspective. We optimize our clients’ aesthetic goals while maximizing their resources. Our process is thoughtful. We value getting to know you and your preferences so that you feel seen and heard. Our goal- happy clients who love their transformed homes.

“Our approach to design is to curate beautiful spaces that allow the client to feel completely and uniquely at home.”

AHR Designs Building


AHR Designs Maplewood Kitchen

Maplewood, NJ

Not since my epic dollhouse reno 1982 had I tackled something back to the studs for myself. It’s amazing how after seeing ALL THE PRETTY THINGS for all these years that I can still be so drawn to classic favorites. When we moved into this house August 2020 (yes- mid pandemic) we knew a reconfiguring was imminent. Madness!

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AHR Designs Zelman Bathroom

Up & Down the Mid Atlantic

While I love to tackle a home from head to toe, many of my projects are a room or 2. I’ve helped many, many, many clients with multiple one-room projects in their homes. The thing I am most proud of is the amount of repeat business I have. I wish I could professionally photograph all of it but alas that would leave me with no time or money to actually do what I do.

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AHR Designs Springlake Way

Baltimore, MD

AHR relocated to Baltimore for 3 years from 2017-2020. Our time there was a purposeful pause to regroup and refocus on what types of projects I wanted to move forward with as I reestablished my business in a new region. So much of my work from the previous decade was still in NJ. So when this local project came my way I was tickled pink.

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