Alexa Harris-Ralff is a Maryland-based interior designer who took on her first project — a top-to-bottom dollhouse makeover — at age 6. Alexa has maintained her interest in how rooms look, function, and feel in the decades since.

Because life's roads are always winding, sometimes you end up exactly where you were meant to be even if the path wasn't direct. Such is the case with AHR designs.

Alexa graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Religious Studies, because her parents wouldn't let her major in theater. She spent her time at Mr. Jefferson's University singing with her acapella group (The Sil'houettes) and performing on stage. After graduation she went on to NYC to pursue her dream of being on Broadway. She settled into a career for many years as a professional voice over artist (yes, you've for sure heard her on your tv and radio). In 2004 she dove into motherhood with her 2 back-to-back babies and all that that entails. As those kids started to wobble and walk, Alexa decided she wanted to start something new.

In 2010 Alexa went back to school to formally study interior design at Parsons. AHR designs began shortly after that, in 2011, and has been off and running ever since. The company relocated from New Jersey to Maryland in 2017 after a job relocation for her husband.

Alexa would call her design style "eclectic" with a lean towards preppy. She understands that a home should feel collected and comfortable and she designs for the families who live there. She listens to her clients' needs and wants, and how they really live, and designs with that in mind. As times go on the one thing that remains steady is her love of color and her ability to infuse it seamlessly into any space. Each project is an opportunity to create something new, unique and beautiful — the possibilities are endless!